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Add new colors to the canvas of your life.

CALAFO brings innovation to every scene and unleashes unknown possibilities. Whether it's a moment in nature or a day at home or in the office, we are always striving for more comfortable and richer experiences. We shape the future by fusing inspiration from around the world with innovation from Japan. Bring the magic of CALAFO to your life.

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Specializing in wood stoves


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Outdoor carbon specialty


ODAM carbon module table SOLO-S
ODAM carbon module table・PARTITION
ODAM carbon module table SOLO-L
ODAM carbon module table/multifunctional clamp “GLIDER”
ODAM carbon module table LANTERN HOOK
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AIR slippers

With a design that combines tradition and innovation, easy portability, and a variety of functionality, these slippers offer a unique experience and comfort to the wearer.

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ET Hobin

A treasure bottle that creates moments of bliss. With a design reminiscent of a UFO, it brings out the sweetness and flavor of low-temperature brewed tea. ET Hobin is your companion for a luxurious time.

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The definitive smartphone and tablet arm !

Simple and stylish smartphone and tablet arms that seek efficiency and comfort!
``TREE'' is a smartphone and tablet arm stand that focuses on alleviating problems when using smartphones and tablets, and uses aluminum alloy for the entire body to dramatically increase desk work productivity.

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