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[Nano super water repellent TEE] realized with new generation nano super hydrophobic technology is now available!

[Nano super water repellent TEE] realized with new generation nano super hydrophobic technology is now available!

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Super water - repellent TEE with excellent functionality is now available !

☟ Actual measurement ☟

● Not only is it waterproof and stain resistant , but it also has excellent quick-drying properties that affect the drying of sweat and breathability that releases moisture .
● With its lightweight and stylish design, it can be used in a variety of situations, from everyday use to business and outdoor activities!

What about your normal TEE?

☞ T-shirts are simple and easy to use, and many people love them.
T-shirts are a must-have for the upcoming hot weather. You want to dress casual items in a cool and stylish way.

▲ But don't you have the following problems with T-shirts ?

In particular, white is a color that shows dirt easily and is easy to see through, so there are many areas where you have to be careful.

What is high-tech super water-repellent TEE?

Textiles using the technology of the superhydrophobic process achieve grade 5 waterproofing with excellent superhydrophobicity, against water-based stains such as juice, milk and tomato sauce, while allowing for breathability. and has a good exfoliating effect.

The biggest feature is that it is treated with a nano water repellent finish called a grade 5 waterproof superhydrophobic process ...!

What makes it different from ordinary water repellent is that the water repellent particles are nano-sized and do not block the gaps in the fabric !

Fabrics made with it can withstand over 10,000 rubs , over 100 wash cycles , and over 100 60° dries , outperforming other water-repellent technologies.

*Description of processing technology. We have not conducted a demonstration experiment with this product.

Adopting the second generation new nano-superhydrophobic technology, it can effectively prevent the adhesion and penetration of daily liquids such as water, fruit juice and wine.
At the same time, it is breathable, soft and comfortable, and has good washing resistance .

[Adopts lotus leaf bionic principle]

Due to the superhydrophobic nanotechnology adopted in the fabric, most liquid molecules are repelled by a separation layer formed by a layer of silica particles before hitting the fabric, like lotus leaves.
The liquid slides off at 155 degrees to the fabric and even sticky stains can be easily rinsed off with water .

As shown in the figure below, it can effectively prevent the adhesion and penetration of daily water-soluble liquids such as water, fruit juice, and wine.

Water repellency experiment (tea & water)

Water repellency test (cola & juice)

Air permeation experiment

Air permeation experiment

What other features?

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