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Polar Pen

A magnet pen with a large collection of pens, tools, and toys! How to use is free depending on an idea!

A magnet pen with a large collection of pens, tools, and toys! How to use is free depending on an idea!

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functional and fun

The pen's unwavering status as the most important tool for getting things done is that it slides unnoticed through even the most stressful places like lecture halls and boardrooms. On top of that, it also performs the most important function of giving you something to mess with. And tinkering around, this magnetic pen goes far beyond the standard plastic ballpoint pen.

If you enjoy fiddling with things and love being fascinated by the power of magnets, this magnetic pen is for you. The Magnetic Pen was originally designed as a modular tool that allows for customized pen lengths and unique writing experiences, but after receiving the first few prototypes we realized it was a lot more. . Since then, I've been trying to design and evolve it so that you can have a better experience. Functional and fun, this magnetic pen can inspire you at work, school, or at home.

■ Functional

Drawing circles is just one way a magnetic pen can help you in a way other pens can't. Pull the pen apart, connect the magnets left and right to convert it into a compass, add more magnets to increase the diameter, and rotate slowly around the center to make a perfect circle. In addition, you can freely use it as a compass needle, a motor, a smartphone stand, etc.

■ fun

The attraction and repulsion of rare earth magnets is truly mesmerizing! Turns the pen into a levitating fidget spinner "Revolver". This is just one of the endless possibilities to have fun with magnetic pens. In addition, you can create various things such as robots, animals, and bicycles. It is also recommended as an educational toy for children.

☞ Ballpoint pen specification

A stylish ballpoint pen with a magnet. Because it is equipped with a clip, it can be conveniently used by hanging it on your breast pocket or on your notebook.

☞ Stylus specifications

It can be used as a touch pen that can be used with tablets and smartphones. You can use it casually even when you go out and it will come in handy. Now you can enjoy web surfing and app games easily.

☞Specification applications are endless

It is the only original item in the world that can be disassembled or attached.

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