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Feel free to enjoy the world of tea all year round with Houhin, which completes the process from brewing tea to tasting it!

Feel free to enjoy the world of tea all year round with Houhin, which completes the process from brewing tea to tasting it!

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Delicious tea, beautiful tea utensils, relaxing time~

In the dizzying pace of everyday life, not everyone enjoys brewing tea from their own tea leaves every time.
Once a day, it would be nice to have some time to enjoy making tea with your own hands , either for yourself or for someone you care about.
Whether the time spent waiting for the water to cool down to the right temperature or the time spent waiting for the tea leaves to open slowly is a waste of time, or whether it is a rest time for the mind and body. Is not it.

Tea makes time like this , and you will be able to recall various nostalgic feelings .

♪ Days spent with family and friends, making tea and chatting with everyone.

♪ On a cold night, I slowly drank hot tea by myself.

♪ That relaxing cup of tea after a full meal.

Since ancient times, tea has been in our lives, and tea has created happy times .

No one knows what kind of future awaits us, but why not enjoy a happy life with tea?

[ET Houhin] is a tea ceremony utensil that allows you to enjoy the slow flow of time .

Tea brewed slowly at a low temperature concentrates the umami and brings out the sweetness .
We take in the blessings of nature called tea leaves.
ET houhin is a gem to spend such a luxurious time together .

Tea isn't just for quenching your thirst.
When you want to spend a relaxing time or when you want to refresh . The gorgeous aroma and taste of tea softens the space.
Why don't you enjoy the polite Japanese life by enjoying tea with ET Houhin ?

[ET Treasure Bottle]
It looks great and has a stylish and unique design !
It's compact when stacked with a teacup, and it's
easy to store in a special case !

・Those who want to enjoy delicious tea at home with their family
・Those who want to easily enjoy outdoor tea ceremony and outdoor tea ceremony
・Those who want to enjoy delicious tea while traveling or outdoors
・People who prefer a lean and clean lifestyle
Recommended for
It is also perfect for any gift, such as wedding celebrations, housewarming celebrations, birthday celebrations and gifts.

"Houhin" is suitable for brewing high-quality tea leaves such as gyokuro, kabusecha, and hand-rolled tea at a low temperature. Of course, it's not just Japanese tea, but black tea, oolong tea, and seasonal herbal teas .
As one of the teapots that change the mood and atmosphere and brew tea carefully, it is useful as a tea utensil that feels the delicate consideration of the Japanese people .

The tea culture of Uji, Kyoto is the culture of enjoying tea leaves brewed at a low temperature, such as gyokuro. Houhin teapots are widely used in Uji because of the culture of enjoying high-quality tea leaves .

The ET Houhin is a teapot that changes the mood and atmosphere, and is used to carefully brew tea .
Please use it regularly as a stylish tea utensil that makes you feel the delicate consideration of Japanese people.

It is compact and easy to use, and the teapot and teacups have timeless designs, making it easy for anyone to get used to. Feel free to have a cup of tea after a meal or a cup of tea during a break during work .

It is perfect for a luxurious moment, such as when you taste high-quality Japanese tea or when you enjoy it with special sweets. You can enjoy the delicate taste while sipping from a small bowl.
The ET Houhin, which is particular about the design and materials, will make you feel better from the moment you pick it up.

This tea set is perfect for enjoying tea time with family and friends.
When brewing tea in a transparent houhin, if you pour slightly cooled hot water into the houhin, the color of the tea will gradually spread into the water.
While enjoying the color of the tea with your eyes, you will have a lot of anticipation about what it will taste like, and it will be a fun time.
You can make your story time richer by sipping in a small cup of hot water.

♪ ET Houhin is a teapot that calms you down

A modern design that removes all unnecessary things and fits comfortably in your life. It looks neat and stylish just by putting it on your usual table, kitchen counter, or cupboard.

♪A dream from the vast starry sky

What a clever design , it has a UFO appearance and brings you a wonderful tea experience .

It has a sterling-like gold design that adds a touch of fun to your tea.

♪ Specially designed to bring out the deliciousness of Japanese tea

The ET Houhin is a rare type among the numerous Houhins in the world.
It comes with a hemispherical 360° rotating tea strainer that uses the snap-in structure and the tumbler principle .

Many teapots have stainless steel tea strainer nets, but ET's Houhin comes with a tea strainer with fine holes (3 mm x 65 pieces) that serve as fine nets .

Unlike conventional methods, the tea strainer is designed with a rotary filter that automatically and smoothly filters the tea simply by gently lifting it by hand.

♪Comfortable fitting handle

The anti-scalding ring handle has been upgraded to an open bracelet shape , more beautiful and more convenient . It is a premium Houhin that beautifully charms even the behavior of the person who brews tea with Houhin .
Enjoy an elegant Japanese tea time with ET Houhin .

♪ Shark's beak design

The shark's beak-shaped water outlet design can effectively prevent liquid from spilling .

♪Each one of the Houhin and teacups

The Houhin and teacup set is carefully made by craftsmen .

The transparent glass allows you to enjoy the color of the tea just by looking at it from the outside.
Green tea, in particular, has subtle differences in color and turbidity depending on the type of tea leaves, the temperature of the hot water, and the time it is left in.

The thin and stylish porcelain , the neat appearance and the comfort of use convey the delicate handiwork of the craftsmen.

♪ Use tea cans to store tea!

Simple design for modern life. The lid has a rubber gasket that seals well, making it difficult for the aroma to escape and preventing moisture, which is the enemy of tea leaves .

♪ Easy to clean up, treasure bottle set that you want to use every day

The ET Houhin set is not only stylish, but also a minimalist teapot that is easy to handle .
There are two points of ease of use.

① Easy to clean

The first is that it is easy to wash . There is no fine mesh tea strainer, it is easy to disassemble and the diameter is wide , so it is easy to wash and always clean . It is easy to dry .

2. Easy to store with a dedicated case

The second is compact storage . The ET Houhin Set is a set of 1 Houhin and 3 teacups . The style is nested so that the teacups can be stacked and stored inside the Houhin. Since the teapot has no handle, it does not take up much space in the cupboard.

The ET Hohin is compact, so you can always put it away and take it out at any time . Even busy modern people can easily create a polite tea time . ET Houhin is also recommended for fashionable minimalists .

♪Make your tea time more fun with Planet Chaban!

Exquisite craftsmanship , unique planetary design, interesting sliding . The appearance is exquisite, shiny, suitable size, easy to carry, suitable for travel and home.

Bamboo tea tray with removable water collection basin is suitable for comf style tea service for 4-5 people.

A simple and stylish tea party under the blue sky. How do you enjoy tea like this?

★★★Enjoy the taste of tea leaves in ET Houhin★★★

At ET Houhin, we also suggest tasting the tea leaves themselves.
After the tea is brewed, the tea leaves are soft and have a faint fragrance. Sprinkle it with sudachi or ponzu sauce for a refreshing taste.
Tea leaves are rich in nutrients such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, beta-carotene, vitamin E, folic acid, and vitamin C.
Why do not you take in the blessings of nature of high-quality tea leaves to your body without waste?

Gift box & storage bag (*Design and specifications are subject to change. Thank you for your understanding.)

planet tea board

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