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[Overturn common sense] Folding container for outdoor use! Multi-purpose LED light x transparent double-sided door x with top plate

[Overturn common sense] Folding container for outdoor use! Multi-purpose LED light x transparent double-sided door x with top plate

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The "iBOX" box has a transparent door and a stick-shaped LED light , and the brightness can be adjusted in three stages .

The LED light is attached to the box with a magnet, making it easy to use and useful for disaster prevention !

Equipped with a desk light stand on the back of the iBOX box, you can freely use it anywhere you like .

Also, when iBOX is used as a table , the box has a groove for fixing the stand , and by simply inserting the stand, it transforms into a space-saving desk light.
In addition, the LED light angle can be adjusted about 180 degrees, which is very convenient.

Not only will it be convenient to put things in and take them out at night while camping, but the warm light from the box will definitely create a mysterious space . You can chat with friends in the warm light, or spend a relaxing and luxurious time with a hot drink such as coffee in your hand.

The side door is transparent , so you can see the contents at a glance . Very convenient to find and retrieve the items you need.

There are doors on both the front and back, and the contents can be easily taken out from the side door without opening the lid.

It is convenient to take out the contents from the side even when stacking or placing things on top .
Foldable storage box ideal for outdoor and garage storage.

The tabletop for the storage box is carefully processed one by one from paulownia wood, giving it a hand-finished texture that resembles old wood .

A convenient item that combines both function and design with the perfect design and size as an outdoor table.

It has a variety of functions that can be used not only as a storage box, but also as a low table and interior decoration . It fits compactly with 3 roles in 1 and does not get in the way even in the house.

Eye friendly light with 15 built-in LED lamp beads .
Equipped with a lithium -ion battery charge management and discharge protection chip that optimizes battery energy efficiency while extending battery life .

With a built-in 500mAh battery , you can work continuously for a long time without a power supply!
Of course, it can also be used while charging from a computer or mobile battery via USB .

A USB charging cable is included, and a storage space for the cable is also on the back of the box, making it convenient to use.

There are side doors on the front and rear of the container, so even if the containers are stacked, you can easily take out the contents inside without taking much time.
The bottom of the box has casters, so you can easily move it even if it is heavy.

There is also an opaque type on both sides of the door, so you can use it safely even when you want to hide the contents.

You can put the ingredients and drinks you use today in the upper row, and the box is clear and you can see the contents, so it doesn't take much time to find things.
You can put sleeping bags and cutlery sets that you always use in the lower tier, and the opaque type hides the contents, so it looks stylish!

iBOX is a collapsible container that can be used indoors or outdoors . If you take it outdoors, you can use it to store tableware and cooking utensils, use the top plate as a low table , store clothes and children's toys at home, or use it as a container item for a car .

If you put your usual set in the box and load it on the bed of the car, you can go camping as soon as you think of it!

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