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Specializing in wood stoves


The ``FOCUS UNCLE'' wood stove is not just camping gear, but a work of art . With its innovative design and unique personality, it adds a new charm to camping and brings depth and color to your outdoor life.

With a design reminiscent of an antique, a compact yet highly functional structure, and the use of carefully selected materials, each product boasts a one-of-a-kind style .

The ``FOCUS UNCLE'' wood stove, which shows the designer's thorough attention to detail, is not just a fireplace, but a piece of art that decorates the campsite and elevates your camping experience.

Take your camping life to the next level with this high-spec table that combines a timeless cool carbon pattern with high strength, lightness, portability, and expandability !

[Uncle Fox] Fire scissors for outdoor camping
Large capacity (73L) storage bag