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Outdoor carbon specialty


ODAM is a brand that started development based on the desire to reexamine the essential items of camping, the table, from the very essence, and create a next-generation outdoor table that will be the standard in the future, unaffected by trends.

The gear of the outdoor table is made functionally with four characteristics: high strength, light weight, portability, and expandability .

Take your camping life to the next level with this high-spec table that combines a timeless cool carbon pattern with high strength, lightness, portability, and expandability !

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ODAM carbon module table TACTICAL-TABLE pro

ODAM carbon module table TACTICAL-TABLE pro

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ODAM carbon module table SOLO-S
ODAM carbon module table TACTICAL-TABLE
ODAM carbon module table/multifunctional clamp “GLIDER”
ODAM carbon module table/plate for OD cans
ODAM carbon module table LANTERN HOOK
ODAM carbon module table・PARTITION
ODAM carbon module table SOLO-L