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[Rapid clothes drying bag] If you have a hair dryer, you can dry it quickly! Great for travel and business trips!

[Rapid clothes drying bag] If you have a hair dryer, you can dry it quickly! Great for travel and business trips!

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Do you have any of these problems?

The trouble with room drying is "bad drying".

"I can't wash my clothes outside during the rainy season, so I can't wash them. "

"It's hard to dry the laundry even if you dry it indoors"

"When you dry it indoors, the room becomes damp and has an unpleasant odor. "


If you have a lot of clothes when you go on a business trip or move, it's hard.

"You can only carry about three days worth of clothes at most. "

"When it comes to long business trips , I have no choice but to use the coin laundry attached to the hotel or wash my hands in the bathroom in my room."

" Innerwear is thin, so it doesn't bother me to carry around, but I don't want to carry around a lot. "



★ For innerwear that you want to dry right away ! ★

You usually wear innerwear.

Spring and summer innerwear has the role of regulating body temperature to prevent the body temperature from rising and sweating to steal body temperature. On the other hand, autumn and winter innerwear has high heat retention and has a role to protect against the cold. In addition, business underwear is worn so that the shirt does not get wet with sweat and the skin does not show through. And sports underwear has the function of reducing the onset of muscle pain and wasteful energy consumption. In this way, underwear is necessary for a comfortable life and physical condition management .

However , since the inner layer absorbs sweat, it tends to become sticky and prone to sweat stains, stains and odors . It gives an unpleasant impression to the people around you.

In particular , Japan has hot and humid conditions that make it easy to sweat. In the days when the heat wave continues, everyone's worries are troubles with underwear and innerwear . You may be sweaty, stuffy, itchy, and smelly.

Therefore , we hope that you can make good use of the rapid clothes drying bag and use it for a comfortable and healthy life .

Don't wait in vain, enjoy your life

*The drying time depends on the power of the hair dryer. The following is the result of using high power 1500W.

What are the main features?

☀ Breathable material

Polyester Portable Laundry Dryer Bag Highly breathable , the hair dryer heats the air quickly and distributes the hot air evenly throughout the dryer bag to dry your clothes quickly .

☀ Eliminate wrinkles without ironing

Warm air is sent into the drying bag, and the wrinkles are easily stretched until the clothes are dried by simply turning on the power of the hair dryer and puffing up the clothes.

☀ Super lightweight and easy to carry

The dry bag weighs very little (90g) and is barely felt. It's also foldable, so you can easily store it at home or on the go.

☀ Available in various occasions

☞ For laundry you want to dry

☞ For things you don't want to dry outside

☀ You can use it anywhere as long as you have a hair dryer.

Portable rapid clothes drying bags can be used almost anywhere , including homes, small spaces, apartments, dorms, hotels, offices, and more. It can make your life, travel and business trip more convenient and comfortable.

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