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Would you like to enter the Japanese market with 120 million people?

Are you interested in bringing your product to the Japanese market with 120 million people? This is a very important story for those who are overseas companies and are interested in expanding into Japan. Being able to sell your products in Japan, the world's third-largest economy in GDP, offers great potential for your company. However, it is also true that many companies are worried about entering the Japanese market. I hear that some of the companies we negotiated tried to develop their own sales channels and expand the market, but faced many difficulties.

Step 1. Crowdfunding (B2C)

It is most important to start selling new products using crowdfunding.The reason is that “test marketing” can be done in a short period of time.You can check the sales volume and gather customer feedback to improve the product.It is also attractive to be able to enclose highly loyal fans in advance.

・Test marketing

・Promotion effects

・Product feedback from users

・Can appeal to Japanese corporate buyers

Step2. Online-sales (B2C)

The most suitable sales method for B2C is online sales.

・Opened a store on an existing platform (Amazon, Rakuten)

・Launch a brand page and sell

Amazon Japan has 50 million users, which is 42% of Japan's population. It is very important to control Amazon when working on B2C in Japan.

The importance of the original site will increase in the future. We use “Shopify” to launch our brand page.

Step3.Exhibition/Wholesale (B2B)

We can showcase your products at exhibitions in Tokyo.
In order to sell the most and effectively, it is necessary to expand through corporate transactions.

・Face-to-face direct sales

・Many prospective visitors

・It is cost-effective to have many business negotiations in a short time.

Promotion plan

We can carry out the following promotions for the three steps of selling to the Japanese market.

Listing advertisements

We will utilize WEB advertising to increase the amount of crowdfunding support and increase the number of customers to EC sites. Advertising management specialists will help you improve your ability to attract customers through media such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Instagram.

Influencer marketing

Promotions using Youtuber go great with crowdfunding. We have a list of Youtubers that are compatible with the genre of the product. Perform effective influencer marketing.

Media strategy

The Medidia strategy is essential as one of the effective approaches to new products. Our strength is that we have a media strategy specialist on our team. Normally, media releases are only delivered by e-mail, but we can contact the media staff directly to We support your product's spread in Japan by maximizing its chances of being featured on TV, magazines and newspapers.

This is our strategy to capture the Japanese market. The strength of understanding the Japanese market, having many sales channels, and having a team of achievements and specialists will contribute to improving the sales of your company.