We sell products developed in-house and excellent products from partner companies that are particular about products, know the contents well, and can guarantee quality. We deliver products that enrich people's lives.

To the CALAFO shop
  • Build “points of contact with users and customers” through EWeb/E-commerce operations

    Building sales and distribution channels (entrances) that could not be obtained by conventional methods using the new age tool of the "Internet" is becoming a new standard for business operators who sell products. I have.

    In CALAFO's e-commerce business, we are working to create an environment where we can provide products to users nationwide via the web, centering on the construction and operation of e-commerce shops.

  • Site construction and operation

    Web shop construction and operation centered on EC shop

  • Online shopping/management

    Responding to Internet and e-commerce orders and managing customer information

  • web marketing

    User analysis by web data analysis and operation of search advertisement

  • Product design and advertisement creation

    Product and package design video shooting and editing, advertisement photography