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Crowdfunding is known as “donation” or “fundraising”, but it is essentially “test marketing”. It can be used to test how our new products and services are evaluated by the world. Many companies carry a large amount of inventory when launching new products into the world, so they carry a large risk of defective inventory. Investment in new product development in Japan often ends in "research", and the current situation is that there are very few cases that lead to "announcement". Crowdfunding allows “test marketing” without inventory risk. This will accelerate the company's active research and development. Crowdfunding is also effective in evaluating financial institutions. Financial institutions are cautious about lending to unproven new product development. Therefore, by approaching with crowdfunding results, we can directly convey the potential of new products. It is also a strategic method that is indispensable for corporate fundraising. Based on our many crowdfunding achievements, we support our partner companies in their challenges to success.

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New products and services that have never existed before appear every day! It is a service that allows you to learn about the thoughts of the creators and bearers, and to have a buying experience with a feeling of support.



Japan's largest crowdfunding, total distribution exceeds 50 billion yen! Since the launch of the service, more than 57,000 projects have been launched so far, and more than 6.1 million supporters have provided support totaling over 50 billion yen.



GREEN FUNDING has the No. 1 success rate!
Utilizing the assets of the CCC (TSUTAYA) Group, we will provide marketing support that goes beyond financing. We support many projects such as gadgets, food, sports, and social contributions.



A home for creative minds and a great platform. This is a place where ideas can be supported and realized by those who believe in, respect and understand the vision.



It's where early adopters and innovation seekers find vibrant, imaginative technology before it hits the mainstream.



A platform owned by Xiaomi, it provides smart hardware product project initiators with one-stop integrated crowdfunding services for fundraising, investment, incubation and operation.